Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bam! We have an Orange Alert. We also have Day Four of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life, an interview and more Repetition Patterns love.

Yo, the Repetition Patterns journey continues and we are now on Day Four of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life and making a stop at none other than the Orange Alert where we are doing an interview with the Pete Anderson as part of Orange Alert's new Writer on Writer feature. Many thanks to both for their time, support and hospitality. Please visit the CCLaP for any additional insights you think may be lurking out there. And we hope to see you tomorrow as we invade Does this font make me look fat?, home of good friend and rock star novelist Tim Hall.


Pete said...

Careful with using that "the" prefix for my name. You just might get me referring to myself as "The Pete", as in "The Donald" (Trump) or "The Todd" (the musclehead surgeon on Scrubs), two of my more distinguished role models.

Richard said...

Hi Ben,

If you know of someone who would like to review Repetition Patterns for our new blog-based publication The Los Angeles World-Telegram & Sun (no pay, no prestige, we want a newspaper-style book review), we'd be happy to publish it.

Or you could do what we did in 1979: write a review of our own book under our grandmother's name and get it accepted by a newspaper that published it and sent Grandma a check for $40.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Hello Ben, I just read Repetition Patterns. I really loved it. The title story and The Babysitter really shoved me a bit. I love the struggle against silence and the tone set in Repetition Patterns for the rest of the stories. I hope the rest of your amazing digital tour goes well. Set a fire to part of the internet.

Ben Tanzer said...

First off, we think that you Pete have well-earned the "the" prefix, not that "Julie's husband" is a poor moniker by any means.

Richard, we would be thrilled see a review in your new publication, especially one that generates no pay and no prestige. Thank you for thinking of us.

And Matt, we really appreciate the kind words and the fact that we shoved you in a literary way is quite awesome to us. Thanks for reading the collection and for reaching out.