Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who rocks it harder than J.A. Tyler? According to the data, no one.

We here at TBWCYL, Inc. are unabashed J.A. Tyler fans. We love him. Period. Great writer. Cool dude. Publisher. Blogger. Dad. Quite handsome. And on and on. We have published him in This Zine Will Change Your Life, and will do so again in 2009, and recorded an episode of This Podcast Will Change Your Life with him as well. Still, all that said, there is one trait of the J.A. Tyler that makes him more J.A. Tyler than anyone else we know. Homeboy gets published like nobody else's business. It's incredible and magical and we salute him. And if you don't believe us check out the following blog entry, it may not change your life, but it will definitely blow your mind. Great work sir, and rock on.


j. a. tyler said...

bt: thanks for the kind and generous words. much appreciated.

Ben said...

Our pleasure, we consider a post such as this to be a public service of sorts and TBWCYL, Inc. is all about public service, that and changing lives, well and building buzz of course. Oh, and selling books, did we mention that?