Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Continued Top Ten madness. Music. Indeed.

Today we are doing the music thing. Can you feel the excitement reverberating outward from here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters? We thought you could. And so without further adieu, here is what we were digging in 2008:

(1) Girl Talk/Feed the Animals - We are a total sucker for this mishmash of music mashups. Meanwhile, do you like that quasi-alliteration, because we did that for you.

(2) Be Your Own Pet/Get Awkward - Slamming. But they broke-up. Bastards.

(3) TV On The Radio/Dear Science - Maybe the least truly over-hyped, over-hyped disc of the year.

(4) Cool Kids/The Bake Sale - We know lil Wayne is getting all the attention, and that's fine, but this is our pick for most ought to appear on Entourage's soundtrack next season.

(5) Billy Bragg/Mr. Love & Justice - Why didn't this disc get more love? Mr. Bragg, it's very good to have you back.

(6) The Hold Steady/Stay Positive - We are learning to embrace just how big they're getting, because we have to, and because no one rocks it like The Hold Steady.

(7) Santogold/Santogold - Sort of this year's MIA, yet not. Good stuff.

(8) Jamey Johnson/that lonesome song - When you're done listening to Jessica Simpson, Darious Rucker and Bon Jovi's efforts to do that country thing, please do us a favor and listen to this.

(9) Venna/Venna - When they're huge, and they will be, should be - please see the above YouTube clip - you will be happy you found them when.

(10) Local H/Twelve Angry Months - Kick-ass, break-up song-cycle. Bravo gentlemen.

Honorable mention: Brendan Losch/Until We Meet Again, Joseph Arthur & the Lonely Astronauts/Temporary People, Jenny Lewis/Acid Tongue.

2008 Top Ten television list.

2008 Top Ten books list.

And our Top Ten movies, soon, maybe, we hope, we have much to catch-up on.

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