Saturday, November 15, 2008

Self-absorption rocks, but let's pause shall we for a big shout-out to the new ml press.

We here at TBWCYL, Inc. and This Blog Will Change Your Life have always prided ourselves on our rampant self-absorption and focus on our most selfish of self interests. In fact, it has always been one of the key guidelines for writing this blog. Still, we have also been sure along the way to celebrate independent anything, and as needed, Elizabeth Crane, reality television, pop culture and maybe, just maybe Diane Lane. We write this because it occurred to us during yesterday's board meeting that between Most Likely You Go Your Way I'll Go Mine, Repetitions Patterns and This Zine Will Change Your Life we have been tremendously and arguably as terrifically self-absorbed as ever lately, and so starting today we are going to give back, we are of course givers too, no really we are, ask anyone, and focus some on those around us, starting with the kick-ass new press from the profically published J.A. Tyler, who we are big fans of here at headquartes and have even podcasted with to wonderfully moving results. J.A.'s new limited edition, 1000 word max ml press is a spin-off of his excellent literary journal mud luscious, and has already released a number of stellar pieces which have not only been well-received, but are selling-out like mad. Sounds pretty cool, right, yes it does, so please pay ml press a visit and give J.A. a shout, we think it just might change your life.


j. a. tyler said...

thanks mucho bt. we are glad to be mentioned in such a selfless way. best to the TBWCYL empire.

Ben said...

You sir are most welcome, and many thanks for your kind words, the empire is very appreciative.