Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A massive Jeremy Shipp shout-out in celebration of his new short story collection SHEEP AND WOLVES.

Bizarro fiction master and author of the completely whacked-out novel Vacation Jeremy Shipp has a new short story collection out titled SHEEP AND WOLVES. And while we have not yet had the chance to read it - though we will let you know what we think after we do - we are big fans of the Shipp and wanted to be sure to get the press release out there - see below - for him and his publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Dark fiction writer, Jeremy C. Shipp, author of VACATION, has been called many things. John Skipp proclaimed him “a very good drug.” And Jeff VanderMeer’s convinced Jeremy’s “a little bit crazy, in the best possible way.” Now, Shipp has utilized his psychotropic madness to spawn a story collection, SHEEP AND WOLVES, published by Raw Dog Screaming Press. The collection features 17 tales, including one novella and 8 previously unpublished stories. Excerpts can be read here and here.

Shipp's novel Vacation established him as one of the foremost authors in the “bizarro fiction” movement. Now he turns his attention to short fiction and literary horror. The themes of alienation and cultural homogenization on a global scale are explored in closer detail. Shipp notes, “This intimacy makes Sheep and Wolves much darker than its predecessor. Because now, the darkness is invading your homes, your dreams, your lives.” The author’s trademark quirky characters populate an otherwise bleak landscape, this time around facing horrors at home rather than evils abroad.

Feel free to explore Shipp's twisted mind at his website.

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