Saturday, November 29, 2008

The prose is starkly elegant, channeling Raymond Carver - some much appreciated Ostdickian Repetition Patterns blurbage. And a quasi-update as well.

The great scholar, gentleman, and terribly unbiased Nick "The Quick" Ostdick has written some awfully kind words about Repetition Patterns on his blog In The NICK Of Time, which are much appreciated, while The Pettus has simultaneously decided it is time for a quasi-update at the CCLaP blog on the many wonderful things you might want to know about where things stand in the world of Repetition Patterns and all is has wrought at the time of its one month anniversary. We recognize that this is a lot of Repetition Patterns love to take in at one time, but we really and truly believe you can handle it, so go ahead take a look, yeah, you can do it. Nice.

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