Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lucky Man love and one vast, albeit faux media empire's efforts to turn Lucky Man lemons into lemonade.

First off, we want to send out a big thank-you to our newest best friend and the author of The Love Book Ken Wohlrob for the quite awesome Lucky Man shout-out he gave us today at his blog. Many thanks, and drinks are on us for sure sir when next we meet, which you readers may want to note will be on September 28th when we get together to read at Freebird Books in Brooklyn. Please come out, won't you? And second, you may recall that Lucky Man's new, and now former, distributor AtlasBooks has taken the remaining copies of Lucky Man hostage and our kick-ass publisher Manx Media has been forced to reprint them. What we didn't know is that this would require a new ISBN number. Why is that important you ask, well, there are some who have been let's say less than happy with the Lucky Man proofreading, but we couldn't technically make any changes under the current ISBN number. Now that we have to get a new number however, we also have the chance to give it a thorough edit, which we are doing even as we speak. Pretty cool, right? Way.

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