Friday, August 1, 2008

Free Lucky Man! Or not? The strange but true story of how the remaining copies of Lucky Man are being held captive and will likely not be freed.

While we at TBWCYL, Inc. are wont to embroider the occasional publishing related story as it suits our marketing needs, we believe the following story about the current fate of Lucky Man as we know it is in fact mostly true - Lucky Man's most awesome publisher Manx Media had an ongoing relationship with the distributor Biblio. Biblio was purchased by AtlasBooks Distribution. Atlas approached Manx Media about a new contract that Manx felt was inequitable. Manx balked at signing the contract and Atlas recalled all copies of Lucky Man leading all the Borders nationwide to return the copies of Lucky Man they had ordered. When Manx then suggested that Atlas just release the remaining books to Manx, Atlas said releasing the books would cost Manx $2000. Manx has decided not to pay the $2000, something Lucky Man author Ben Tanzer fully supports, but this means that we cannot obtain, or is it retain, the rest of our copies, books we already paid for, and so we will now be using Lulu for all future Lucky Man orders and distribution. We at TBWCYL, Inc. are in turn currently trying to decide how best to turn this into a marketing opportunity and what we're thinking is that everyone out there, and we mean everyone, should order at least one copy of Lucky Man, if not more, from Lulu in protest. You may not need another copy, but the way we see it, buying one will not only give you the chance to show Atlas how lame they are, it might even change your life. Now, how do we know this? We just do. For real.


Pete said...

Wow, that's brutal. Publish with an indie, and still get screwed by The Man. I guess you're not safe anywhere.

But geez, I've already bought two copies of the book. How much more am I expected to give? As my high school social science teacher Mr. Newman used to say, you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.

Ben said...

There is no escaping the man. Meanwhile, turnip squeezing aside, you sir may apply for a waiver.

Pete said...

That waiver will undoubtedly be declined by that "Assistant Flunky" bastard that you, for no apparent reason, continue to employ. Plenty of writers are grumbling about his "just say no" policy - Updike is particularly incensed by your lackey's dismissive and arrogant attitude in rejecting submissions, and Philip Roth is even considering legal action. Next time you hire an assistant, you should check those references much more closely.