Saturday, July 26, 2008

Audio love and a Pete Lit shout-out.

Most excited to report that the abbreviated audio version of Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine which is being released on the Orange Alert Press blog, has been divided into seven sections or scenes and Scene One: The Party is available now. As written previously we had a lot of fun with this project and want to once again thank not only Jason Orange for organizing this, but Tim Hall, Jill Summers, Nick Volkert and Amy Guth for pitching in. We also want to thank the endlessly and effortlessly rocking Pete Anderson for the under-pressure "Go Your Way..." shout-out he gave us on his very kind Pete Lit blog. Much appreciated sir.


Pete said...

Rather than endless and effortless, these days my rocking is brief and shamefully spastic. Truth be told, I make Whip It-era Devo look suave and graceful.

Ben said...

Nothing wrong with being brief or spastic...It is now your turn to say, "that's what she said."