Friday, June 13, 2008

Michael Paige Glover and the art of book cover art.

We here at TBWCYL, Inc. have been quite excited about the fact that Michael Paige Glover was interested in working on the cover for Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine, he's just a great artist and a way cool dude. We in fact plan to hype him often as the book comes out, but in the interim we thought you might enjoy checking out his thoughts on the project, which he has posted on his blog. As we said, he's a cool dude and we really appreciate the interest.


MPG said...


Thanks to you as well for writing such a great book! It was a pleasure to read and internalize the imagery. I felt very connected to your characters. I hope to work with you guys again and some day soon, I'll make it out there for a visit and yes, we'll have many rounds at the pub! Cheers.

Ben said...

We just want to reassure our vast and rabid audience that we had nothing to do with the solicitation of that comment. No money was paid, no extortion took place. That said, yes, there will be many rounds, on us.