Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May include content which could be viewed as objectionable - Lucky Man rocks the Wordsmiths and receives big love in return.

Suffice it to say we couldn't have been more thrilled to see this notice posted by Wordsmiths in Atlanta prior to our Lucky Man reading during their "Story-time for Grown Ups" storytelling event last week. We also couldn't have been happier to see the killer turnout. And mainly we want to thank Wordsmiths and Russ Marshalek for their ongoing support. That said, despite getting stuck on the Marta in the not so cool 90 degree Atlanta heat, we had a great time reading at Wordsmiths' most excellent new store, are much appreciative, and for more details on the event, because you know, we like to be as humble as possible, we invite you to please take a moment to read Russ' dispatch on the Wordsmiths blog.

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