Friday, May 9, 2008

Crazy awesome Orange Pulp madness.

We wanted to be sure to draw your attention to the first ever What To Wear During An Orange Alert mix tape. It is titled Orange Pulp and it is a fantastic compilation of Orange Alert's favorite writers and musicians. While we are thrilled to have been involved in this project, we are especially excited to see so many writers on this CD that we so absolutely love and admire - Jill Summers, Nick Ostdick, and Spencer Dew just to name a few. Orange Alert will be passing these out in Chicago and New York City throughout the summer, but if you cannot wait, or cannot get to these fine cities, please visit the link above and let them know that you need a copy now, right now, and we have no doubt that they will be happy to take care of you.


Local Resident said...

I was just sitting down to post something similar...this is an amazing compilation! Can't stop playing it. I'll wait to post my review/thoughts, until after the weekend. -Tim

Jason said...

I'm glad you both enjoyed the CD. Hopefully, you found something new or made a connection that hadn't been made before.

Thanks for the mention!