Monday, April 14, 2008

Tim Hall's AuthorShares program. Way cool, check it out.

Tim Hall of Half Empty and Does This Font Make Me Look Fat blog fame has a very cool new project called AuthorShares that we wanted to tell you about. The best way to do so we think is to use Tim's own words. So, here we go:

"My new joint is called AuthorShares, a way for self-published authors and small presses to raise money to help get their projects off the ground. Consider it a stock market for indie lit."

Please take a look, which you can do here, buy shares and support independent publishing and media. For one you may end up being that much cooler than you already are, always a good thing, but more importantly it just may change your life, something we think is even better than being cool.


Local Resident said...

Thanks for the nice words, Ben! -Tim

Ben said...

We are just happy to play whatever small role we can supporting the cause.