Thursday, March 6, 2008

Much media craziness, and much love for The Parlor and Cult Pop.

Much media craziness thus far this week. On Tuesday we attempted to do our thing at The Parlor reading series and want to thank our kick-ass hosts Joanna Topor MacKenzie and Terri Griffith of The Parlor and Caroline Picard from The Green Lantern Gallery and Press. They will be posting a podcast of the show some time in the next week and we will be posting a podcast as well some time in the next few days that we recorded with them over Gin and Tonics at The Beachwood. It's quite loud, very funny and tentatively titled "I'm Still Waiting for Tipper Gore to Apologize." Last night we shot an interview via our digital camera and a speaker phone with Jim Hall and Jerry Jesion of the very cool Cult Pop television show. That show will run some time in the next four weeks, and while we did not get to go out for drinks with them we do plan to pay for the first and likely second rounds whenever we finally do get to meet them in person. We think that's a pretty good week and we very much appreciate all the love.

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