Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When The Leaves Stop Falling. Romance. Inspirational. Tears.

Somehow this has become writer friend independent media published stuff shout-out week, and the love continues today. This afternoon jetting back and forth to St. Paul on official business we finished the novel When The Leaves Stop Falling by Milwaukee's own Kelly Moran and we need to begin by saying that we think its totally uncool that she made us cry as we sat on the runway. Frankly, its just embarrassing, plus it was 12 below zero and the tears froze on our cheeks leaving terrible red streaks. Seriously though, this isn't normally our kind of book, romance and inspiration and all that, but man the characters are interesting, their stories are moving, and story is a page turner. And did we mention that we cried? That's good stuff. Big props Kelly.

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