Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top Ten Music 2007.

It's late we know, but we still want to run our Top Ten music list for 2007. We also still plan to run our movie list, we just have to catch-up, sorry. So, without further adieu, the list:

(1) El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead. Dissonance and madness, we thoroughly enjoyed it the first time we heard it, and nothing changed that.

(2) Ike Reilly Assassination - We Belong To The Staggering Evening. Big and awesome. We don't understand why this guy isn't huge.

(3) MIA - Kala. Socially conscious, multi-culti hip hop. Pretty cool.

(4) Arcade Fire - Neon Bible. It may not be Funeral, but it's still all that.

(5) Wilco - Sky Blue Sky. Thank you.

(6) Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. Totally different and kind of epic.

(7) Radiohead - In Rainbows. No idea what's going on here. Don't care.

(8) Bruce Springsteen - Magic. We were prepared to not be so into it. We were wrong, way wrong.

(9) Iron and Wine - The Shepherd's Dog. We are sucker for this guy, he's on to something, and we like it.

(10) Andrew Byrd - Armchair Apocrypha. Wholly unique.


Pete said...

Got a few days to kill? My music-loving friend Shaz just directed me to this:

I apologize in advance to your employer and your family.

Josh Honn said...

El-P was my album of the year too. And it's Andrew Bird. Although that would be cool if he did an album of Byrds covers. A quality list nonetheless. I bought so many god damn records last year there is no way I could every narrow it down to just my favorite ten. So kudos!

Ben said...

We promise to Songza as soon as we get the appropriate vaccinations, and we are most glad to see the El-P love, he's just awesome. Meanwhile, the Andrew Bird thing is really embarrassing, and we can't even correct it, because then everyone going forward would be confused. Now, that assumes there will be said people going forward, but to play it safe we will revel in our lameness.

Jason said...

El-P, wow! We haven't discussed a lot of music, but would have never guessed you were an El-p fan. Personally, I thought Aesop Rock's album was better then El-p's, but they both made my top 50. Have you tried Yea Big & Kid Static? Those boys will change your life!

Ben said...

Dude, we love Aesop Rock's disc, and it would definitely have been eleventh if we did a Top Eleven. El-P though, killer. And don't know Yea Big and Kid Static, but we will definitely get on it. For reals.