Sunday, February 10, 2008

Five With. A Pilcrow Lit Fest interview-type thing.

We got invited to do an interview by the Pilcrow Lit Fest called "Five With..." and some of you might even find yourselves being name-dropped as we used this opportunity to hype almost anything and anyone we could. If you care to take a look, you can do so here. No seriously, you can, and if we missed you, we will do our best to rectify that next time around.


Josh Honn said...

Very nice, man! It's always rad to see you dropping names of those you like. TBWCYL, Inc. keeps care of its own for sure! Congrats, looking forward to the new work and I'll be seeing you soon I am sure.

Ben said...

It's a big part of our business model, that and celebrating all things TBWCYL, Inc. of course. On a semi-serious note though, its great getting the occasional platform, and so when we get one we try to run with it.