Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Amazon, the breakdown. 41 cents. 1 million not sold. And 100%.

It is true that one can now obtain a copy of Lucky Man for 41 cents on Amazon. It is also true that we are once again rolling towards the one million books more loved than ours mark. But all is not lost in the land of Amazon, far from it, for in the last week we have increased our customer reviews by 100 percent, going from two reviews to four. One of the reviews is from our new best friend J. Kaye, the other is from an old friend Charles C., and we couldn't be more appreciative. Frankly, we think that both of you totally rock. The question now though, is who among you out there will be next to hop on the bandwagon? We should add, that we hear writing killer Lucky Man Amazon reviews are this year's black and as we know how much you like to be ahead of the curve we thank you in advance for your time and your kind review.

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