Friday, January 25, 2008

25%. And Mad God.

So you just know if we're talking percentages we're talking Lucky Man Amazon customer reviews. And wouldn't you know it, but fellow author Shaun Mason has given Lucky Man a most kind review on Amazon and we are most appreciative. We are also excited to let you know that Shaun's book Mad God has just come out, we have just received our copy, and we will be sure to report back to you when we're done with it. Thanks again Shaun, we're up to five customer reviews on Amazon, and who knows some day, maybe six.


Pete said...

Alright, Tanzer, that "maybe six" comment finally shamed me into posting my own Amazon review. I meant every kind word, and not just because you're a friend of mine.

Ben said...

We knew the phrase "maybe six" would do it. It's a great review and we appreciate it. A lot. Thanks man.