Friday, December 7, 2007

Travel. Read. Happy.

We have been on the road this week. When we travel we get to read more. This makes us happy. On this trip we completed two books. This makes us happy as well.

(1) Powering the Devil's Circus by Jason Jordan - there is much crazy, awesome, experimental fiction here focused on everything from cats to September 11th - it's all good stuff, for sure, but there is also a novella about a guy named Jason Jordan who goes to a Christian high school, loves heavy metal, starts to drink, and becomes a writer, and personally, we hope to see more stuff like the latter from Mr. Jordan, because we found it quite captivating

(2) Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi - captivating works here as well, not to mention funny, painful, sexy, and utterly moving - it's tight storytelling in a stark and streamlined, yet cartoony, black and white - and it's really something

Now please do us a favor and read them both. Go. Don't hesitate. They will change your life. We're positive.


Jason Jordan said...

So glad to hear you like "PtDC." :)

Ben said...

We are already looking forward to the next time the Devil's Circus comes through town.

Nick said...

Jordan's book has some fine moments. Many fine moments indeed. If the devil is indeed powering his circus, the devil is one lucky bastard.

Ben said...

We're just happy to see that the devil recovered from that whole debacle down in Georgia.