Friday, December 28, 2007

Three Quick Things. Really.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching we wanted to share three quick things with you:

(1) For the first time since January, yes that January, the children both slept long enough into the morning that we were able to both go out for a long run and write before anyone awoke, which is pretty nice. We hope this a positive sign heading into the new year because we need it;

(2) You can now buy Lucky Man on Amazon for an unbelievably low 74 cents, which is just mind-blowing to us here at headquarters. At this rate, we will soon be paying you to take copies off of our hands, which by the way we would totally do. That said, we will apparently be ending the year in top million, so take that Michael Crichton; and

(3) TBWCYL, Inc. is going on vacation for a week, fear not, we intend to blog, but you never do know how these things will go, so be forewarned, nothing has happened, staff morale is high and our cash flow is good, it just might be quiet.

Happy pre-new year.

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