Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did you know that you might be unique? It's true, please read the below entry to learn more.

Under the category of ongoing obsessions, please note that Blogger Analytics reports that as of December 11th "This Blog Will Change Your Life" has received 400 wholly unique visitors since October 16th which is when we started tracking such things. We're not sure how this compares to our vast array of competitors, we mean friends, but we greatly appreciate the patronage and we want you to know that we remain committed to incessantly talking about ourselves, celebrating independent media of all types, intermittently name-dropping Elizabeth Crane, and as needed discussing reality television, obscure pop culture ephemera, and coffee. We also want you to know that like our support team at Analytics, we too think of each of you as not just unique, but even kind of beautiful in your own special way, so thanks for coming by, and please keep doing so.

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