Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dejected. Much.

We at TBWCYL Inc. headquarters hate the fact that we thought a review of Lucky Man was coming out this week in a nice glossy magazine with national distribution and when we went to Borders the magazine was there, but no review, and that just killed us, and we thought why does this have to be so depressing, and why are we so dejected, and yet, it seemed so close, and we can definitely use it, we can use anything, and so it's all so crazy, and then when we contacted the magazine, the staff who is very cool just didn't have any idea if they had ever received the book at all, and they are happy to take a look at it now, and see what they can do, and it will probably be all right, and of course it would have been all right any way, but man that initial reaction when we leafed through the magazine, terrible, just deadly, totally depressing, and it's such a horrible feeling, but what can you do when every little thing can feel so important? Not sure. And so as we said at the start of this, we kind of hate that. Okay done.

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Anonymous said...

I am looking for help in locating a book that my mother read between 1948 and 1951. She would like to read again while she still can.

There is very little to go on - published by Literary Guild between 1946 and 1950. Can't remember any of the title or the character names. On the first page or two the husband dies. The remainder of the book is about him being in limbo because his wife will not let him go. Finally she throws out or gives away his things, and he has peace or goes to heaven or has some sort of release.

Any suggestions on this book or searching for it would be appreciated. I have contacted The Literary Guild and they did not respond. I also discussed this with the research librarians at our public library, and, although they tried, they could not make any headway.