Tuesday, November 13, 2007

109.2 million.

No, that is not Lucky Man's Amazon ranking, it is the number of blogs in the world. That is one blog for every 151 people (which is based on an estimated population of 6.6 billion people). Seeing this number made us question how special we really are here at "This Blog Will Change Your Life." It also made us wonder what percentage of the population has actually bought a copy of Lucky Man. Sadly we cannot answer that question. Even with the help of our crack accounting team at TBWCYL, Inc. we couldn't do the math.


Nick said...

Lucky Man, you guys are as special as they come. And you'll change the lives of every one of the 6 billion people. I just know it!

Ben said...

You know Nick, as always, your faith in our vision is just the thing we need to keep going here at headquarters. Thanks man and we hope your writing is going swell.