Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What we're digging right now - Brick, Dorothy Allison, and The Hold Steady.

It's true, there are some things we are digging this week that we want to share with you. And so in no particular order:

(1) The movie Brick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lucas Haas. A twisty noir full of drugs, murder, violence, crazy patter, and wacked-out teenagers. Very much our kind of movie. And what's up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Between Brick and Mysterious Skin he's bringing it.

(2) Dorothy Allison writing about making gravy in the food section of the New York Times Sunday Magazine. We're no foodies and our spokesperson Ben Tanzer never usually reads this section of the magazine, but Dorothy Allison apparently can write about anything and make it moving, evocative, and full of both pain and hope. No one writes like she does. Period.

(3) The Hold Steady. Saw them at the Metro last night. They rock. Seriously, they really rock. And they look like they're having so much fun. It's kind of contagious. That's all. Actually, that's not all. See them. Ok, that's all.


Unknown said...

I've always kind of wanted to get into them, but never have been able to. Glad you had fun though.

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

Nick, you know we love you, and we appreciate the support, but after reading this comment please be advised that TBWCYL, Inc.'s board will need to reconsider your standing as a Lucky Man player. Most sorry.