Friday, October 19, 2007

"This Blog Will Change Your Life" and Lucky Man, Inc. turn 100. Please join us for the celebration and learn more about the launch of TBWCYL, Inc.

We should say that our title today is not completely accurate. Neither "This Blog Will Change Your Life," Lucky Man, nor even our holding company Lucky Man, Inc. is turning 100 per se. Not chronologically any way. However, this is the 100th post on "This Blog Will Change Your Life" and this we think is a cause for celebration.

One thing we are excited about are our current negotiations with the CW around selling "This Blog Will Change Your Life" into syndication. While this was never our goal, we have always first and foremost been focused on changing lives, we do appreciate the validation as well as the opportunity to bring in some funds for renovations on the office.

Beyond that however, we are particularly excited to announce our brand re-launch for Lucky Man, Inc. It has occurred to us for some time that our long term plans involve lifestyle choices that far exceed the reach of Lucky Man alone.

There is our new book "Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine," which we hope to have before you soon, but more than that there is the clothing line we are developing in partership with Phat Farm, the vitamin drinks and concierge services we are building business plans for, and maybe most exciting, for us anyway, the launch of our new zine "This Zine Will Change Your Life," which we plan to roll-out soon.

So, following the extensive market testing and focus grouping we have endured over the last several months, and in recognition of the fact that "This Blog Will Change Your Life" will continue to serve as our official platform moving forward, we are happy to officially announce that from this point forward Lucky Man, Inc. will be known under its newly re-branded moniker TBWCYL, Inc.

Why TBWCYL, Inc. you ask? It's simple really, TBWCYL is an acronym for "This Blog Will Change Your Life," and like a Springsteen song, we are all about simplicity here at TBWCYL, Inc.

We look forward to your thoughts and reactions, we welcome your continued patronage, and we invite any and all of you to submit potential TBWCYL, Inc. logos for our use as we seek to further brand TBWCYL, Inc. both far and wide, and in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Thank you for your time.

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Pete said...

Mmmmm...vitamin drinks...