Thursday, October 11, 2007

Daring, innovative, and emotionally moving. Lucky Man gets Pete Lit. And likes it.

We at Lucky Man, Inc. make no secret of our great affection and respect for Pete Anderson of Pete Lit fame. Great blog, great writer, stand-up guy, appreciator of writers and books, and someone we very much enjoy eating lunch with.

Well, this week we not only got to have lunch with Pete, but he gave us two very nice shout-outs over on Pete Lit:

First, Pete included "This Blog Will Change Your Life" in his October 9th entry "And now we pause as I suck up to my favorite litbloggers, some of whom may someday review my novel." We are thrilled to be included among the fine company on this list and we hope you will visit the other cool blogs sited here.

We are a little confused however, by the following comment in Pete's description of our blog: "shameless but tongue-in-cheek hucksterism." We'll have you know that Lucky Man, Inc. is a legitimate off-shore enterprise focused on changing the world for the better by sharing all the love that Lucky Man has to give. We thought Pete knew this, and you can be sure that we plan to address it when next we lunch.

Second, Pete gave Lucky Man a rocking blurb under his "Recent Reads" section, writing that Lucky Man is a "Daring, innovative, and emotionally moving debut novel about four troubled friends."

Very nice, and much appreciated Pete. Thank you for not only flying in from your secluded mountaintop retreat for lunch, but for keeping the dream alive.

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Pete said...

Stop it, Lucky Man, Inc. You're embarrassing me - and with my fair skin, blushing is particularly conspicuous.