Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lucky Man week-end stuff.

It was a long, albeit awesomely movie-laden week - some closing thoughts:

(1) I have now seen HSM 2 at least 10 times and while I still find the "Fabulous" scene with Ashley Tisdale out of place and cloying, the closing scene at the pool where the entire cast performs "All For One" is money.

(2) We at Lucky Man, Inc. love John Travolta, but he didn't do it for us in Hairspray - the voice was wrong, and he was trying much too hard to be a woman as opposed to a man playing a woman (not a wholly original comment by any means). Any way, more channeling of Divine would have been nice - that said, the scene where Tracey first goes to detention, killer.

(3) Are there better action movies than the Bourne movies? No, we think not. Accepting that the first Die Hard remains the single greatest edge-of-your-seat action -oriented cinematic experience of the last twenty years, no one brings it like Bourne - the fights in endlessly tight quarters, the chase scenes, the minimalist dialogue, and the fact that the trilogy as a whole is tight and improves with each movie, that's nice work.

(5) We saw Once, and I can't get the songs out of my head, much less the way Guy sang them and Girl smiled when he did. See it. It will change your life.

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