Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lucky Man reads. We hope.

There have been many great benefits to overseeing Lucky Man's efforts at literary and world domination. Court side seats for the Knicks. Red carpet treatment at Cannes for the premier of We Own The Night. A guest hosting gig on The View. And we have hungrily, if not greedily, drank in every moment of this sweet nectar.

But still, as good as all that has been, one of the the greatest benefits of our climb to the top, has been meeting so many interesting people and cool writers, many of whom I have referenced here before.

And these writers have their own wonderful books, books that need to be read and hyped and shared. Now it's true that between serving as spokesperson for Lucky Man, Inc., trying to write, occasionally going to work, poorly raising children, rubbing my wife's feet between appearances, and keeping up with Perez Hilton, my ability to read books is greatly compromised.

Still, here, right now, today, I want you to know that I am committed to reading the following books which I have acquired during my recent travels. I am also committed to sharing my thoughts with you, and that's whether you want to hear them or not.

So, in more or less order of acquisition, here it goes:

(1) Three Fallen Women - Amy Guth - she rocks, big time - and this I have already started - so far, twisted and wonderful, and loving it - more later

(2) Fast Forward - confessions of a porn screenwriter - Eric Spitznagel - a true legend - he told me so - I got to hug him, a lot - it was nice

(3) Sunbeams & Cigarettes - Nick Ostdick - he seems to be some kind of genius - or is it genus - not sure, doesn't matter, he can really write and we dig him

(4) TALK: A Novel in Dialogue - Corey Mesler - he owns an independent bookstore - he's also from Memphis - what else do you need to know?

(5) Powering The Devil's Circus - Jason Jordan - he hustles, he writes, he reviews books, and the title rocks - very cool

So, I will be in touch, and if you have a book you want me to read, and maybe swap for Lucky Man, send it and I will add it to the growing pile looming before me with the promise that at some time, somewhere in the future I will gorge myself on its awesomeness and report back to the masses on the experience. Cool?

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