Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lucky Man, The Movie...and more Elizabeth Crane

So, totally cool, we were asked by the My Book, The Movie people to riff on what it might look like if Lucky Man were turned into a movie, you know casting, director, music, and such. We at Lucky Man, Inc. were thrilled to do so and despite the bitter exchanges between our colleagues and fellow coffee freaks Amy Dietze, Bridget Gavaghan, and ourselves on our casting choice for the one semi-important female role - let's just say Amy wants Anna Paquin, Bridget thinks Anna Paquin has a weird head and we are just in a whole different place - we are very excited to hear your thoughts and very thankful that Marshal Zeringue invited us to work on this project.

Now, on a whole other note, the most awesome Elizabeth Crane has apparently read our much fawning reference to her in our blog entry of June 29th and has commented in kind. We hope Ms. Crane realizes that while this will only serve to encourage us, we are very excited to be on her radar in any form.


Elizabeth Crane said...

Ha! I like to read about myself as much as the next guy.

Christy said...

Random thought here...well, ok, maybe not so random, but since you said "we are very excited to hear your thoughts," my thoughts decided to jump out of my head onto the computer screen. I'm thinking some music for Louie, maybe just a song, to contrast his romantic self w/the drugs and disillusionment. Say Terence Trent D'Arby, "Sign Your Name."
http://www.gaarde.org/ttd/ttd109.html Or something like that.