Saturday, June 16, 2007

Maintains a notable sense of humor - A Lucky Man almost book review and vacation round-up (or what happens if you hold a reading and no one comes?)

It was crazy. We went on vacation and we could not access our blog. No signing-in. No entries. No action. No access. No nothing. Sad and scary, but a good way to begin this entry for sure.

One of the stops on our vacation was a Lucky Man reading at the most excellent independent bookstore the Book Revue out in Huntington, Long Island. We at Lucky Man, Inc. were very excited. Cool bookstore. Cool staff. All welcoming and full of love. Very nice.

Their interest in Lucky Man alone was rocking. But then The Long Islander agreed to do a piece on Lucky Man in advance of the reading and wrote among other things, "Even while dealing with heavy subjects like substance abuse, Tanzer maintains a notable sense of humor in the writing - one can tell he maintains this in his own life as well." Nice.

But that wasn't all, the New York Times - and yes I am selectively ignoring The Nation's ongoing commentary about the the Times mostly positive and complicit coverage during the run-up to the war - included the reading in its "Calendar of Events," under its spoken word listings. So nice.

And then the reading itself was upon us. We got there at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm reading and there was already someone waiting in the audience. Also nice. His name was Tom and as I approached the podium, Tom approached me and asked if I would sign his book. Of course. And would I sign it before the reading? Sure, why? So Tom can leave.

Now in the business we might call that foreshadowing, because Tom as it turned-out was the only person to show-up. That is not a misprint. We waited until 8:20pm, but no, Tom was it. Even the people wandering around the store had no interest, and we know this, because the staff asked them. It was most embarrassing. And not so nice.

And so, what do you do when you hold a book reading and no one comes? You leave. Still, did you check out that almost book review. Pretty nice.

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