Friday, March 30, 2007

Lucky Man, Inc. Wants To Officially Thank Vice President Al Gore For Creating The Internet

We at Lucky Man, Inc. want to thank Vice President Al Gore. If not for "An Inconvenient Truth" we would not have sold our Cadillac Escalade and taken up riding our bikes everywhere. And without Vice President Gore we certainly would have never started using the phrase "lockbox" when standing on our crate in Hyde Park and discussing the future of social security.

More then these things though we want to thank him for creating the internet. How did people market books before the internet? Or even sell them? How did they create buzz and how did consumers share their reviews? Further, where did we spend all of our free time and when not at the computer what did we talk about?

Case in point, part one - Lucky Man has received its first Amazon customer review - yes, really, take a look:

what a great read, March 29, 2007


CL "hendecam" (Chapel Hill, NC) - See all my reviews
I saw Mr. Tanzer at a reading in Chapel Hill, NC and picked up a copy of Lucky Man. I'm so glad I did! Once you get into the style of writing and the changing perspectives from one chapter to the next, you'll enjoy this fast-paced story of what it's like to be young and lost and on the brink of "growing up." Tanzer's unique structure and writing style evokes the moodiness of adolescence that just about anyone can relate to. As his characters deal with heavy drug use, violence, issues of sexual identity, sex in general, etc, you'll find yourself remembering your own clumsy "coming of age" moments. Great book!

Thank you CL "hendecam," we don't think we love you, we know it.

Case in point, part two - as spokesperson for Lucky Man, Inc. I had the opportunity yesterday to speak at Columbia College as part of a "Blogging and the Writer's Portfolio" panel discussion. Can you believe that? It's true, I was able to pose as both professional and technically proficient. Sweet.

Meanwhile, the panel was not only a lot of fun, but I had the opportunity to meet two fellow bloggers of some renoun - LITTLEJOHN who writes "Advertising for Peanuts - A consumer's guide to advertising, media and organic produce" - - and Barbara Iverson who writes "(Iverson's) CurrentBuzz - Keeping an eye on blogs, citizen media,citizen journalism, citizen reporters and anything about technology that's news for the news business since 2002. Acting locally in Chicago, thinking globally" - - both of which are very cool and well worth checking-out.

So, thank you Vice President Gore, for all of this and more. Thank you as well for any role you may have played in ensuring that Max and Laura won "Grease - You're The One That I Want!" because I think they're going to be great and I am online even as we speak buying tickets for the show.

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