Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Live from Chapel Hill, It's Tuesday Night

We came. We saw. We read. We at Lucky Man, Inc. are writing you tonight from the DuBose House at the Rizzo Conference Center in Chapel Hill just hours after reading "Cup of Joe" our new story from the spring issue of the 20dissidents journal and some select passages from Lucky Man at Internationalist Books. We had 20 or so people at the reading, including a sullen looking fifteen year-old girl and her mother which prompted us to censor some of the harsher language and refrain from reading some of the racier passages. We came up from Wilmington today, but as hard as we looked down there we never did see Joey, Dawson, or Pacey. Not once, not even a little bit. We arrived with with twelve copies of Lucky Man and we are leaving with zero. Yes, none, nunca, nothing. Thank you Chapel Hill. We also finally met the 20dissidents themselves - Chad, Anthony, Ben, and Cameron, as well as some of their key supporters - Beth, Rebecca, Matt, Mike, and little Miles, who for the record is awfully cute. Tomorrow afternoon we have a presentation to do and tomorrow night we go home. Nice.

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