Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fun Home. All Hail Alison Bechdel.

Late at night, and long after you had watched American Idol, you went online. By day you wandered the empty streets looking for free WiFi. You wanted answers, but none were forthcoming. You felt shunned, maybe even abandoned. And there were times you climbed the highest mountains and screamed at the heavens due to the sheer frustration of it all. But you pulled yourself together, and you stayed strong. You knew there was light at the end of the tunnel and that nothing is permanent. We are most proud of you and today you shall be rewarded for your perseverance. There is a new blog entry at "This Blog Will Change Your Life," and as spokesperson for the consortium that manages this blog I apologize for the delay between entries. Between the re-emergence of 24, non-sleeping children, The Bears play-off run, the development of our 2008 presidential exploratory committee, and work travel, we have been lax, we have been selfish, and we apologize. That said, we not only beg your forgiveness, but we ask you to celebrate a wonderful discovery with us that could have only emerged during this fallow period, a time filled with long flights, lonely nights in cold hotel rooms, and plenty of time to read - Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Have you read it? If so please bask in its awesomeness with us. And if you have not, please do, live it, breathe it, taste it, love it. It too will change your life, this I can ensure you.

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