Thursday, December 28, 2006

Are you happy?

Are you happy? That's a loaded question, isn't it? Sure it is, and yet, am I happy that the Knicks won in triple overtime last night? Yes. And am I thrilled in a pseudo-ironic, yet still gleeful sort of way, that transcendent Chicago band Frisbie not only signed-on as my latest MySpace "friend," that's 23 now for you counting at home, but was the first to post a comment - "Thanks for the add, sir?" Absolutely, though before I continue, please allow me to briefly pause here and encourage you to check out Frisbie's website - - because it too will change your life. But am I happy that Lucky Man has plunged to 458,000 on the Amazon rankings, yeah not so much. Still, even with Lucky Man's popularity dramatically waning, am I happy, is their joy in my life, yes, yes, there is, and how do I know this? Because last night my five-year old son walked-up to me with pen and pad in hand and said, "I would like to interview you about your first book." I said "okay," and looking very earnest and focused, he said, "your first book, that makes you happy, you're happy, right?" "Yes, I am," I told him as he began scribbling furiously and I began smiling foolishly, "I am happy." And it's true, the Knicks are winning, I have a new and embarassingly entertaining compulsion in MySpace, I'm being interviewed by my beautiful boy, and I've got a book, an actual novel, coming out on March 1st. I am living the dream. So, am I happy, yes I am, about all of it, even my woeful ranking.

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zencomix said...

That's a nice drawing by the kid!