Monday, November 16, 2015

"Tanzer has the gift of writing characters who are believable and flawed." You Can Make Him Like You love from the Steve Karas who much to our great pleasure has clearly disappeared down the rabbit hole.

Not that it's merely our great pleasure, though it's certainly that, but we greatly appreciate it too. A lot. Excerpt? Cool.

"You Can Make Him Like You is such a cool, pop-culture-infused Chicago novel. It’s 2008, Obama versus McCain, and Chicago is “the center of the universe” for this brief period of time. There’s The Billy Goat Tavern and Mike Royko, Kyle Orton and Carlos Zambrano, Castaways and Mothers and Five Faces and Metro and Oprah, of course. And within that Chicago world, Tanzer resurrects Sister Hazel and Chumbawamba and TiVo and Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Bachelorette with DeAnna. Then there’s Keith, most importantly, who’s struggling with his fears of impending fatherhood, monogamy, and facing his own childhood demons. Keith trying to become “anti-Keith,” the universal struggle we all face at some point, don’t we? To be better people, and finding it easier said than done. Tanzer has the gift of writing characters who are believable and flawed. Characters you feel like you know, feel like you’ve known for years in fact, that you may talk shit about with your spouse or other friends, but still love nonetheless and will always love."

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