Monday, October 12, 2015

Manny's Lost in Space The New York Stories Orphans Tacos Doughnuts Hypertext Magazine Interview.

There is The New York Stories. There is Lost in Space. There is Manny's. And there is definitely much appreciated interview with the Christine Rice. Excerpt? Totally.

CR: You mentioned how hard it was when Lost in Space came out and didn’t get the reviews you’d thought it might. And how your writing momentum seemed to stall. You said that you might have horizontal momentum. Can you talk a little bit about that?

BT: Might might even be strong, but I was hoping for something, and maybe even desperate for a certain kind of response, because my prior book Orphans, had received reviews in Publishers Weekly and Booklist, but what’s important there – and something I needed to pay closer attention to later – is that I thought if I garnered those kinds of reviews, other things might happen – agents might call, or books festivals – which on paper is embarrassing to even say, but I thought those things could happen, and they didn’t, and so I thought, maybe the next one, I’ll get those kinds of reviews again, and it will compound in some fashion, but then Lost in Space while well received, was ignored by the trade publications, which was really hard, and left me wondering where that left the act of creating books for me? The act of writing, the ideas, the compulsion and desire to write, never stalls, but building some kind of presence, or at least the act of getting there, can feel like it has. I thought I was building towards something slowly, book by book, but I may not be, and so I’m working on being more Zen about all of it regardless.

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