Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Haunting." The Pete Lit is all After the Flood and "Watching and Waiting" and we are thankful for all of it.

Truth. Pete has some very kind things to say about After the Flood in general and "Watching and Waiting" more specifically and we are indeed thankful. Quite. Excerpt? Cool.

"After the Flood is clearly the best of his Two Rivers story collections (all three are compiled in the single-volume The New York Stories, which I plan to read in full sometime next year), with this latest one being unified by not only locale but also by a catastrophic flood which devastates the town and forever changes the lives of nearly every character; the flood gives the collection a haunting, overarching theme as well as tightness and cohesion."

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Pete said...

Very glad to share the word, brother. Really enjoyed the book.