Friday, August 28, 2015

This Book Will Change Your Life - Kinda Sorta American Dream by the Steve Karas.

There is the Karas and the Kinda Sorta American Dream from the Tailwinds Press and we have read it and blurbed it and we are happy to report that it changed our lives and we believe it may just change your life as well, so please do hit it when it is available to be hit, well done, thank you.

“What Steve Karas so authoritatively illustrates in this far-reaching debut collection is that the journey to achieving the American Dream may take many paths, but it doesn’t come without pain, fear or loss. Assuming it comes at all. And yet despite this, in Karas’ empathic hands, this journey is still one filled with vivid characters, a sense of hope and the joy of discovering an author at the start of something new and wonderful.” 

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