Sunday, June 21, 2015

"There Will Be Blood" is Sunday Rumpus Essay with art by Michael Tanzer which being Father's Day is quite lovely indeed.

Most lovely. And appreciated. Excerpt? Word.

"The air is salty, crisp, and inky dark.

This isn’t the summer Provincetown where the night is filled with packs of boys dressed in leather who follow Adam and I as we go to meet our parents after wandering the streets; where music plays everywhere, pulsating and full of kinetic energy; where every other storefront is a souvenir or T-shirt shop selling cans of Cape Cod air and where Spiritus Pizza, the Penny Patch, and the Army-Navy store filled with its ancient scuba gear are always jammed with tourists while rainbow flags flutter from every building, and there is life, so much life, and so much joy with every stop.

This is winter, and even on New Year’s Eve, the people on the streets are few, except for the drunken guy who yells, “Happy New Year’s” at me as he and another guy stumble by, and I think, “Happy New Year’s for who man, because it’s not happy for me and my brother?”.

And what must Adam be thinking at this point, laying on the floor of our room, alone, scared, and far from home, as he wonders whether keeping his hands clasped tightly around his head will keep his brains from spilling out onto the rug as he awaits my return?

Not that I’m really thinking about any of that."

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