Sunday, December 14, 2014

In which "Here We Are" and talking violence at the Revolution John.

And big thanks to the Sheldon Lee Compton and the whole Revolution John crew for that. Excerpt? Word.

"So, we were faced with a situation, not a major one certainly, not life and death, but still a major situation for us, that wasn’t getting settled by being polite.

It was settled by the threat of violence, not even an actual act, just the suggestion of it.

What am I to take from that, and what does it tell me, that in the moment I was fully prepared to back it up?

I was going to get in a car, drive six hours, get out of that car and hurt someone. And yes, it involved my mother, and yes, I was enraged, but it seemed so rational to me, though not even merely rational, but logical, and then not even just logical, but weirdly triumphant, and fun, and this despite the muscles contracting across my chest.

And if I can even begin answer this question for myself, how should I explain any of this to my children?"

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Shel Compton said...

It's a great pleasure to share your fine work, Mr. Ben!