Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wherein Lost in Space is all excerpt and You Throw Your Life in My Face at the Anthology of Chicago.

Quite excerpt. Endlessly face. And very thankful to the Rachel Hyman and the whole Anthology of Chicago crew for making it so. Excerpt? Word.

"Debbie and I lived in New York City together and never talked about having children. Then we decided to move to Chicago and still didn’t talk about it. We didn’t know Chicago: we had never been there. We went to Burton Place on Burton and Wells because we saw they were showing that night’s Knicks-Bulls play-off game.

We drank with some guys we did not know, and Scottie Pippen refused to enter the game as a decoy. We asked the guys where ex-New Yorkers who didn’t have a car should live and they sketched out the corner of Goethe and Dearborn on a used cocktail napkin.

“There is a coffee shop right there,” they said, “the Red Line and Jewel are around the corner. There are buses. It’s perfect.”

“Okay,” we said.

The next day we went to Relcon, an apartment finding service, and we showed the young woman there our cocktail napkin.

“We want to live here,” we said.

“Okay,” she said.

And after that we got an apartment above The 3rd Coast Coffee Shop."

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