Monday, March 3, 2014

This Book - Badge - and Podcast - The AWP 2014 Edition Part I - Sitting On A Rug, by, and starring the Art Edwards - Will Change Your Life.

So that's the thing, or maybe, a thing, about the AWP, and meeting writers you only know online, or through their books. You only know what you know before you meet them. You have ideas or impressions, but to know much more than that involves conversation, maybe sitting on a rug together, or something of that nature. So we read Badge by the Art Edwards, a story about music and addiction, and how it all happens, cycles of redemption and loss, finding one's sound, and how when it happens it's a gift that must be cherished, and celebrated, before it's gone. Because it will be gone. It has to be. There's always someone new coming along. But we don't just read Badge, we also talk to the Art Edwards about Badge, and self-publishing, his time with The Refreshments, and King of the Hill. And after all of that we know why Badge feels so natural and lived-in. It's real life. It's rock and roll. And all of it is sure to change your life.

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