Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Orphans is NAILED interview. Totally.

And it is totally appreciated. Drinks on us Matty Byloos and NAILED, many. Excerpt? Word.

NAILED: What author would you want to be, either for their life or for their work, and why?

TANZER: Can I cheat here? I will take your “no” response as a “yes.” There is an artist I read about in the New York Times Magazine a couple of years ago, he has a studio near the beach, in Venice maybe, or maybe that’s my fantasy, but he gets up early and he surfs, and then he goes to this studio and works, and he does cool collaborative projects with cool people, and he makes enough to support himself, and his family, I think, though again this could be my fantasy. And I need to figure out who that is, but that’s what I want: get up early, surf, coffee, write, run, write, other stuff, sun, beer, and tacos. Cool?

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