Monday, December 2, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - Understories by the Tim Horvath.

Travel. Read. Books. More. Shadows? Yes, because we are travel read books Understories by the Tim Horvath, and if one reads the Understories, they will learn about the study of shadows, otherwise known as Umbrology. Is that even real? Maybe, but who cares, because it's so fucking interesting. How about cities comprised of movies or restaurants? Or Nazism? Trees? Borges? You can read about all of that too. Maybe you want to know how conversation become explosion? Or is it implosive? We don't know. But here's the thing, Horvath may be talking books, and parents, relationships, and loss, and he may be doing so with absurdist glee, in stories so tightly constructed they're like reading an Escher wood print, can you even do that, sure, why not, but ultimately what he's exploring in these stories is how things work. What it means to construct something, a story, a family, a city, and a life. What are the parts and how do they hang together? More importantly, how do we keep them together when they want to fall apart? The answers may not be entirely clear, but the blueprints are there waiting for you, so do hit them, now, good, it just might change your life.

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