Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are "Orphaned - Sketches from Dystopia" in the Litro and most appreciative for that are we.

We are. For real. So big thanks to the Dan Coxon and the whole Litro crew. And drinks, many, on us, for sure. Yes. Excerpt? Cool.

"I am a child. I am watching The Day After. There is a bomb, a flash of grey, things move in slow motion, and instantaneously the world as we know it no longer exists. People are dead. The air is poison. Things can never be the same because the fabric of the world has been torn and re-shaped into something that will never be safe again. That’s Armageddon. That’s not dystopia. Dystopia is slower, less pronounced. Things spoil and curdle, the norms change, and what we expect from the world morphs into something new, where the expectations about our quality of life are lower, and life for the many is harder and sadder and revolves around surviving a version of our lives that is lesser, and harsher, than we knew before. We can talk all we want about Mayan post-apocalyptic shit, but with the financial systems fucked, endless poverty, power and money concentrated in the hands of the few, and the expectation of work, real work that supports our families, diminished, this is the true state of the world today, dystopic, and bleeding out."

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