Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - The Temple of Air by Patricia Ann McNair.

I think if we take a moment to honestly and objectively acknowledge our crush on Patricia Ann McNair, and recognize that because of said crush, our writing about The Temple of Air, could possibly be warped by said affections, we still honestly believe that The Temple of Air is one of those books that as we read it we realized that there has been a hole in our lives prior to reading the book that we didn't know existed, but have now filled by immersing ourselves in these terribly moving and semi-interlocked fictions. We might also say that metaphors aside, and puns not remotely intended, what McNair has done with these stories is illuminate what it means to live, and mostly cope, with things missing in our lives, hands, parents, children, breasts, love, that are at times violently taken from us, and other times more subtly so, but that regardless, when we have loss, when we are less than, even if we don't try live that way, those losses are compounded over a life time, warping how we view the world, and interact in relationships, leaving us wanting, and hoping that we could just float away, one with the air, and wishing we knew how to change our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. You make me weep, Mr. Tanzer!