Monday, October 21, 2013

Wherein we are Orphans "Blue Legs" excerpt at the Monkeybicycle and most endlessly appreciative for that.

Quite endlessly Monkeybicycle we are. Now how about some excerpt of that excerpt? Cool.

"I am staring into the bathroom mirror and I am steadying myself. The fluorescent lights strung overhead are glaring and eerie: exposing every pit mark, chicken pox scar and bump on my cheeks, forehead and neck.
Random cobwebs blow to and fro on the ceiling above, dancing on an unidentified breeze. I start to gear up, now bouncing on the balls of my feet, now throwing punches, now repeating my new mantra.
“Always be closing.”
I watch the words form on my lips. Spittle flies. My face contorts. I can say it louder than that. It doesn’t matter if I’m only saying it in my own head. I can be more amped. I can be more impassioned. I can be more convincing. It is my mantra and I need to sell it.
“Always be closing!”

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