Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wherein we are Loren Kleinman Orphans interview and most endlessly appreciative for that.

Truth. More truth? The Kleinman is totally rock star. Excerpt? Cool.

LK: Did you know the titles of your books before you started writing?
BT: No, I had actually briefly fixated on the working title Blue Legs because in the opening scene the protagonist is on a sales call with a potential client who has blue legs. I liked the idea that blue legs would seem weird and imply this book was going to be something different than I usually write, though maybe not exactly so. I also liked the idea that blue legs would be cold to the touch, yet still kind of sexy. To me anyway, I love skin. Later in Orphans the reader learns more about why characters in this story might have blue skin, though by that point, I had moved on to the idea of titling it Orphans, with my focus on the idea that the characters in this book are all orphaned, by family, work, or society.

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