Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A most selfish yet loving James Claffey Literary Orphans Write to Survive Blood a Cold Blue Zine Interview shout-out thing.

Truth. Lots of Claffey. Blood a Cold Blue. Zine love. All of it. Enjoy.

Q: What serves as the motivation (or the spark) to embark on another tale?
A: God, isn’t that the million dollar question? Stories spring from so many places, a photograph, a song line, the memory of a moment in time, a news article, all sorts of things. Recently, I was looking at a NY Times gallery of photographs and there was one of a beautiful woman in the doorway of a rundown house and I wrote a piece that spun from that central image. It’s up at Ben Tanzer’s “This Zine will Change your Life,” and it’s called “The Sun Lost a Sibling.

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